Collection: Beach Bags and Travel Totes

Summer fun can last all year long with Beach and Travel Tote Bags from My Fun Beach Shop!  Use your colorful Bag to tote everything you need for a fun day in the sun or off for a weekend getaway.  Use it as an airline Carry-On Bag and get the extra things you want onboard without the extra fees!  As a weekend getaway bag, you can be packed and out-the-door in a flash!  Use your BEACH BAG OR TOTE for more than vacations!  Use it every day to handle all of the things you need to keep with you while shopping!  Each bag has different, unique features!

There are two styles:  The large round BEACH BAG with a shoulder strap

                                   A medium sized TOTE BAG with carrying handles 

All bags and totes except the Weekender Tote feature waterproof bottoms and have a cell phone pocket on the inside to keep your phone out of the sun and sand, but easily accessible if you need to answer a call!  BTW - If you're at the beach, ENJOY THE BEACH .... and put your phone down for a while, okay?