Whales together in a pod.  Whale Tails

What is a "POD"?

At school or in the office you may be organized in a “pod” – a way of grouping people together that are doing a similar task where they can easily interact with ideas, help and collaboration.  Humans aren’t the only ones who work or live this way.  Wolves are in packs.  Geese are in flocks and elephants are in herds.  For the sea, a group of fish is a school.  For dolphins and whales, it is a pod.  A pod is different for two reasons; first, they are mammals (they breathe) and second they interact socially.  They communicate and will play with each other!


A pod may be a family.  They stick together to protect the young.  A pod may also be a small group of whales or dolphins that stick together to hunt or easily find mates in the huge oceans of the world.  They also are known to play!  They have fun together!

 Who is in your POD?  Like the whales, the people you want around you are often family, close friends and commonly people with similar interests like a sports team.  The whole idea behind our “MY POD” clothing and hats is to show how we are like the whales and dolphins.  We have a very select group … or POD … that we have a special connection to.  In our case it is those who love the BEACH!  We are beach people!

So, as much as it’s a social group, it is also a mindset.  This is how beach people from Florida, California, Texas, Massachusetts, the Carolinas and Hawaii are all connected.  We LOVE the beach!  We belong at the beach, thrive at the beach and find our  peace at the beach.  Our contentment is watching the water with sand at our feet.  We are connected to the coast,  the sea and connected to each other by the beach. 

Wear your “MY POD” clothes proudly!  Look around….. who is like you?  Who can you say is in your POD?? …. The small group you call “MY POD”!


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