Ever thought about being on vacation all the time and not waiting until after you put in years of work, the kids are gone and you can finally relax.  WHY?  Really, why not live on vacation NOW?  Think of waking up and being on or near a beach where sunset walks, toes in the sand and the smell of salt water is in every breath you take.   


The global pandemic taught us a few things.  First, life is precious.  Second, work wasn’t life, it was work.  Third, many people could get a lot done outside of the office – at home.  This changed commuting, how you dressed and multi-tasking now involved the washing machine, a vacuum or pots and pans, not multiple computer screens and endless meetings in the conference room.  Did you adjust your dreams to your new way of life, or just keep dreaming and not doing something about it?

If the beach is in your dreams, start living it!  You don’t have to be in the most expensive real estate!  Even a few miles inland, there is very affordable places to live.  Getting to the sand and surf is just a few minutes away.  You used to commute a half hour … an hour each way to work every day.  Living twenty to thirty minutes off the beach is a cinch!  Trust me …you’ll adjust!

So, are you ready to live on vacation?  Your free time can be so close to the sand and salt water you will breathe new life into your “life”!  Now, throw in some new tee shirts, shorts and flip-flops, maybe a few new home decorations and get moving! 

Lesson one: Life is precious.  Go live it at the beach!

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